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Date City Miles
May 16 Whitehorse to Fairbanks, AK 609

Fairbanks, AK: Chena RV parkTodd writing in this journal

Today was our longest day. We got a late start out of Whitehorse due to sleeping in a hotel. Soft beds and warm rooms make you slow. The details of today are as follows:

  1. Saw 2 coyotes, 4 swan, 2 porcupine.
  2. In Haines Junction, came to the end of the Alaska Highway. I think I was more impressed by this than Ted.

    End of the Alaska HighwayOuthouse on the Tanana River

  3. Made it through US customs w/o a search although this post was using sniffing dogs.
  4. Crossed into Alaska Time. We are now 4 hours behind Eastern. There is about 17 hours of daylight.
  5. Ate lunch in Pine View. Nice little café. Supper @ a buffalo place. I had two burgers today. Tomorrow must eat better.
  6. Went down to a boat launch on the Tanana River.

Well, into the eighth day, and I think today is the first day that I have felt frustrated with my traveling companion. I think the long day in the Jeep did it. Three things in particular got under my skin. First, he kept turning on the wipers or turning them off or adjusting them. He didn't make a to-do about it. Just reached over and flipped the know. Each time I was in perfect control, so I'd wait a few seconds and put them back where I wanted them. Second, today for some reason, he was obsessed with the rear window wiper. It's rained previous days, and he didn't touch the switch. Today, it's on and off constantly, sometimes once a second. Can't just leave it on, on-off-on-off-on-off. The final thing has to do with map reading: he seems to think I am dull-witted with the map. Well…that's not it really. Now that I reflect, it's more like once he gets his mind set on understanding a way, there is no way to shake him from it. I'm slow sometimes to see my error. But he'll just roar off in a direction that has no connection to our destination. Then we have to figure it out from there. Oh well. Venting done.