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Date City Miles
May 22 Tok to Haines Junction, BC 455

M/V Matanuska

M/V Matanuska

Not much to today. We left Tok @ 5:30am and drove to Haines. We arrived in Haines with plenty of time to spare. Dried the tent, ate lunch, saw the local history museum. I had a splitting headache from the drive: heavy winds created quite a roar.

When we got to the Ferry Station, 2 hours before we needed to, I called Sherry...twice. I miss her terribly. There's so much to see that I want to share with her. She sounds lonely and caught up in the problems that are Toccoa. I love her. In honor of her, I picked up a copy of Silence of the Lambs.

At the appointed time, we drove the Jeep aboard the M/V Matanuska, which sails out of Juneau, AK. We were both very surprised at the pleasantness of our surroundings. We are in a stateroom. I feel for the people up on the deck. I think this is one of the few times I've really felt class privilege so pointedly.

The Jeep on board of the M/V Matanuska