: Memorials Ü
Date City Miles
May 31 Three Forks, MT to Mt. Rushmore, SD 614

AM: Three Forks, MT

The rest stops in South Dakota feature concrete teepees.

Yesterday we drove. Ate lunch at the 10,000 Dollar Casino. They have over 30,000 silver dollars pounded into the table and walls. We ate supper in a dive. Good food. Slept well. Montana Wheat Company for breakfast. Driving. Driving. Driving.

PM: Mt. Rushmore KOA

The fog-bound Hall of DemocracyWe made it to the "Shrine of Democracy". We went to the monument for the nightly lighting of the presidents, but a fog rolled in during the preliminaries, obscuring the mountain. We'll go back tomorrow and to Crazy Horse. One thing I have determined, I want to read up on T. Roosevelt. I know little about him. In this way, perhaps the monument has done what all such things should do, namely, inspire onlookers to learn about the person or event being immortalized. By inspiring learning, the monument furthers the memory of the object.

We are sleeping in a Kamping Kabin...hmm.

Todd outside the Kamping Kabin