: Memorials Ü
Date City Miles
June 1 Rushmore to Sioux Falls, SD 400

Todd changing lenses in a cave-like viewing area.Ted takes aim at the Presidents

After we shot lots of film, we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. It is not finished. In fact, only his head is done. The finished stature will be larger than the pyramids. However there is a large center and museum. Very interesting.

A model of the Crazy Horse memorial with the mountain carving in the background.

We then drove and drove. We ate lunch at the famous Wall Drug store in Wall, SD. Kitsch knows no bounds here. Tonight we are again in a Kamping Kabin. Tomorrow we dash to Chicago. Then Saturday, I fly home. I am anxious to be home. This journey has been wonderful. Different than we planned but inspiring nonetheless. However, w/o Sherry something is missing. I want to repeat it w/ her so that she can share the wonder. Most of all, I just wish to be with her. No journey is totally fulfilling when half of you is absent.

Todd outside the famous Wall Drug Store.