:North U.S. Ý
Date City Miles/Accum.
May 10 Minneapolis to Glendive, MT 636/1557

Todd at the Indians/Twins game

En route to Fargo, ND on I-94
Indians blew a 5-0 lead. Lost 6-5. Great seats!

  • "Why are there no cheerleaders in baseball?"-a woman visiting from S. Africa.
  • Surrounded by loud, drunk guys. One spilled beer (see email chronicle). Pretty blonde woman in front got showered; she emasculated them all in a glorious display.
  • Noticed that hay is rolled and piled instead of baled.

    Hay rolls in Minnesota

5:50p.m. MDT @ Applebee's
The scenery is awe-full. It rolls forever. Ted feels exposed. We saw a storm in the distance, drove through it, watched it recede. Such an environment would certainly lead to a different outlook over time. Surprises could be really unsettling. Took several pictures of the Badlands and buffalo.

The North Dakota BadlandsA storm in North Dakota

Glenview, MT (just over MT border)
Camping tonight in Glennview, MT just over the border. Cleveland lost again. The Badlands were nothing like I expected. There is so much life. The canyons go forever. I took pictures, but the most I hope for is a good image-nothing but live experience can recreate that view. I'm sorry Sherry isn't here to see it.

Buffalo at a rest stop in North Dakota

In the face of the Badlands, much of the Creation/Evolution debate seems silly to me. There is too much to comprehend. It is overwhelming. O Lord, my God. When I in AWESOME WONDER consider all the worlds thy hands have made. I see the stars. I hear the rolling thunder. Thy power throughout the universe displayed. Then SINGS my soul. My Savior God to Thee. HOW GREAT THOU ART Did God move the earth over eons to His plans? I do not know, and it is in the not knowing that faith has room to grow. While striving after knowledge is our lot, and more knowledge can lead to greater appreciation of God's handiwork. Knowing the limits of human understanding and maintaining humbleness before infinity is necessary to maintain a fertile ground for faith. If faith is the belief and trust in things not seen, one has to believe that there are things that have not been seen. A true belief in such things cannot limit what those things are, for if we have truly not seen them we cannot truly describe them. WE can guess but we can never elevate that guess beyond the instability of prediction. God's word said that He created the world. So He DID. But the Word does not tell us how He did it. When I see the endless canyons valleys bluffs buttes mesas grasses rocks draws flowers buffalo birds washes clouds rivers lakes how can I dare say that God did not use whatever method He saw fit. God is bigger, stronger than this debate.

Sketch of Montana