:West Canada Ý
Date City Miles
May 12 Great Falls, MT to Calgary, AB 822


It is snowing. Woke up to 1/2" or more of snow and a wet tent. Called Sherry. She wanted to know why I had woken her with the news that her husband was crazy. The forecast for the mountains calls for 10". We are skipping Glacier NP due to the snow. Like the Fellowship of the Rings scene, we are thwarted from the mountain. Onward to Calgary. Todd forgot to pack gloves. I called Sherry 3 times in the last 24 hours, sent her a present, and emailed her twice. I think I feel guilty. Not only am I off jaunting about on my own, but she is injured and I have no way of caring for her-by my own design.

Around 11am we crossed into Canada. Our vehicle was pulled over at customs and searched by two young Canadian border officers. They went through everything…everything. One was pleasant, almost apologetic. The other had a round head, very close hair, small oval glasses. He was like a dog worrying a new bone. Ted and I sat at the front of the Jeep. They never asked for ID.

Rt. 2 to Calgary

Heading North. Off to the west, we have been watching a huge storm. To the east, blue skies fluffy. To the west, slate gray to the horizon, black gray tendrils touching the earth. The foreground is bright, spot lit. The distance smoking. To the north/south, blue skies. The storm is many miles long.

KOA Calgary

Todd & Ted in the tent Our camp site is in the shadow of the ski jump built for the 1988 Olympics. Trans-Canada highway runs in front. Ted bemoaned the fact that none of our campgrounds thus far have been out of earshot of the Interstate. Seems not even Canada can fix that. Spent the afternoon and early evening putzing around the city. It is beautiful and well designed for bitter cold. There is a walkway system (15+) that connects ˝ the downtown buildings. It's quite possible to get to work, park the car, go to the office, meet someone for lunch, etc. w/o going outside. Walked around Prince Island and saw baby geese in the "wild."


Ate @ an Italian restaurant w/ a huge carven wood dragster. All of the wait staff, male and female, were stunning, clad in various black clothes--some in leather pants, tight shirts, rolled sleeves against tanned biceps, long flowing skirts, perfectly coiffed hair. I think they were all models.

Got to the campsite and saw our first sunset peeking out from ominous clouds. Also got first real evidence that we were in a different place: boys playing minigolf with hockey sticks.

500' away is an EconoLodge with a sauna and whirlpool. Both Ted and I felt tempted to forgo the tent tonight. What softies! Yet, we prevailed upon our sense of honor.

Just remembered: in WI, "bubbler" = water fountain.

I have fallen in love with the Magpie.

I have fallen in love the magpie.