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Date City Miles
May 13 Calgary to Grand Prairie 492


33F (0C) Woke up to clean skies and a dry tent. Our first pleasant morning this whole trip. The sun wasn't quite up when I climbed out of the tent. Our site looks over the W. side of Calgary and all the streetlights were on. Very beautiful. To the east, the silhouette of the ski jump rose. As the sun rose, it illuminated the Rockies to the west. Our first real good look at the mountains. We're 100's of miles away, and they are still imposing. Today we head past Edmonton.

Grand Prairie

Well, we did it. We're in a hotel. We've decided that in order to honor the Sabbath and Mother's Day, we should be in a hotel so that we can get properly cleaned up for church.

Today was not a good day for Todd. It started of very well: see previous. When we parked in Edmonton to go to the library, I realized that I didn't have my jacket. I had left it in a restaurant in Calgary. It was my favorite jacket: black nylon reversible w/ CSU on it, hooded. I was extremely put out. Ted could see that I was upset and tried to offer a plan of action, but I'm afraid I wasn't really open. The Edmonton Library was in the midst of major construction, and their system for internet use was the least organized so far. I just wanted out. First, I forgot my gloves, now this.

We walked over to the Hudson Bay Co. Ted really wanted to go there for some reason. They had several possible jackets on sale but not my size. We walked into every possible store and some not so possible. Ted kept walking into formal men's stores "on the off chance." I was in a foul mood. We found some gloves but no coat. We weren't going to leave Edmonton w/o a coat. That would be ludicrous. We ate lunch. Ted insisted on paying for the coat. I was too exhausted to fight much, but I do think it silly that he pay for my error. We tried HB one more time and found a jacket that we'd missed last time. It was perfect. With all the discounts, sales, and the exchange rate, the coat will cost about $50. An incredible price really.

Edmonton City Hall

With gloves and coat in hand, we went back to the library. Ted emailed Nancy. I shot off a quick Chronicle. We decided to go to the art museum. That was a perfect idea. They had an historical exhibit of printmaking including Black and Gogauhn. It cleared my head. We left there and went to City Hall, which is a massive, impressive structure. Marble, glass, pyramid. As we walked out, a pro-life march beginning. A fairly small affair, balloons, and placards saying "Thanks, Mom for giving me a chance." I had really mixed emotions. I support the pro-life position. Life is precious and should be protected. But do we do that by cheap guilt tactics on desperate women who are already distraught? It seems uncaring.

We left Edmonton and headed North! To Alaska! The scenery is unchanging until we hit the timber. Trees forever--except for the clear cuts. It's depressing to see the clear cuts. Sick really.