:West Canada Ý
Date City Miles
May 14 Grand Prairie to Fort Nelson 376

Mother's Day    BC on the road

Awoke in bed. Read several chapters of Persuasion. Showered. We went to a Lutheran Church down the street from the hotel. The service was contemporary. The song leader looked like William H. Macy. The sermon was given by a Polish woman. Her English was heavy, but her message compelling. She began with her life in Poland as the daughter of a high-ranking Communist official who forbade her to hear about Christ. Her grandmother educated her about Christ secretly and sent her to covert schooling with a priest. She preached on the woman who cried at Christ's feet. It was compelling to hear this woman who had known much persecution speaking of Christ's love for her through the message of the crying woman. She concluded with a call for us all to be a pleasing aroma.

Beginning of the Alaska HighwayDawson Creek Art Gallery

We left Grand Prairie around 10:30am or so. 3 hrs later we are in Dawson Creek. The start of the ALASKA HIGHWAY! After 6 days, we begin.

Evening Fort Nelson

It is 0 C, and I'm sitting outside by the fire. Snow is falling. We had a fabulous dinner @ the local pub. Salmon! The campground is the most rustic yet.Camp in Fort Nelson

Ted didn't seem comfortable going to the pub--not because it was a pub, but because it was local. His comment was, "You like atmosphere." I do. If I'm going to drive into the North, I want to eat like the people.

Sherry is having all sorts of adventures at home. I feel bad. I should be there. I can't imagine what folks did when they would be separated for months or years. The women certainly had to carry much more responsibility than we suppose. (It's odd being here in these rustic surroundings and reading Jane Austen.)